About the Artist

Brian King has had a camera in his hand since he was old enough to hold one. It has always been so. What began as snapshots of a child’s world has led to award winning giclee photographs spanning the walls of fine homes and corporate offices around the globe.

Brian’s cameras are more than tools of the trade, they are his best friends. They have accompanied him across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. They have traveled the many miles of alleys and streets of his historic neighborhood.

Brian’s appreciation for the finest and most subtle details, so often ignored by others, are prominent in his work. He sees the serene elegance of the old and weathered. His photography gives new life to the discarded and abandoned, while revealing to viewers a new approach to appreciating their surroundings.

In addition to Brian’s formal study of fine art and graphic design, his extensive travels and bi-coastal living experiences have broadened his consciousness and honed his skills as a photographer. Native to Chester County, Pennsylvania, Brian now resides in the Northern Liberties community of Philadelphia

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Brian King self-portrait